United States Civil Defense Youth Corps

Since 1979

USCDA’s Youth Corps is a leadership training experience and is a year-round stay at home voluntary program which engages young adults (ages 14-25), both male and female, in a voluntary full-time community hands on service program by helping those in need and recover in time of disasters, along with ongoing training and educational activities for the Youth Corp members. These activities are guided by instructors who also serve as mentors and role models. Young groups called “Emergency Response Teams” carry out a wide range of real life disaster relief service project missions. In return for their efforts to bring disaster relief and help restore and strengthen communities struck by disasters, USCDA emergency response team members receive:

1) Training in emergency preparedness, disaster relief, search and rescue, Community Emergency Relief Team, advanced First Aid and wilderness survival;

2) Optional education development in basic skills and preparation to obtain a GED or locally issued Adult High School Diploma;

3) Life and high employability skills;

4) Personal and career counseling to build self-esteem, clarify values, and develop leadership skills while they are developing their career portfolio;

5) Transition services and continuing support services as they transition to real jobs in Emergency Management, Fire fighting including wildland fire fighting, emergency response teams, and other related training, employment or other national and domestic service opportunities;

6) Earn military style rank for completed training courses and missions.

Download United States Civil Defense Youth Corps Application in PDF format (get PDF reader here) or fill out the form below and print.

United States Civil Defense Association Youth Corps Application to local chapter in your area.

L.A.CountyCalifornia [   ]

Orange CountyCalifornia [   ]

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San DiegoCountyCalifornia [   ]

NAME: ________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________________________


HOME PHONE:_________________________________

WORK PHONE:_____________________________

CELL PHONE: ___________________

E-MAIL: ______________________

CURRENT OCCUPATION/ OR STUDENT STATUS: ____________________________________



BRANCH: _____________ MOS _______ RANK __________

CURRENT AGE: _____ DATE OF BIRTH: MO ____DAY____YEAR­­­­___________

All applicants under eighteen (18) years of age must have notarized letter from parents or legal guardian giving approval.

Cost is $500.00. Payment plans available. Admitted trainees/students whose annual family income is $60,000 or less may be eligible for USCDA Opportunity Scholarships which cover full tuition and other costs. Additional scholarship opportunities are available for higher income levels and the very poor. USCDA is an equal opportunity volunteer organization and accepts trainees from all races and creed.

All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and used only for membership purposes. We will never share your personal information with anyone without your permission. Your records are not maintained at HQ. Therefore please keep a copy of all communication from USCDA HQ’s for your records. It is also your responsibility to keep records of your training, volunteer work and missions. From time to time HQ’s may request a copy for awards, training certificates, promotions and other considerations.

Contact Info:
USCDA Headquarters
301 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach, CA 92651
e-mail wibcom@aol.com (edit)

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