United States Civil Defense Association or its for runner has participated directly in disaster relief and humanitarian aid here at home & around the world sense 1965.


1965 – 1968 ‚ Wildland Fire State of Alaska: BLM

1968 – Alaska Kenai Forrest fire: BLM

1969 – Alaska Mcgrath Fire- Hilatack: BLM

1985 – Reno Nevada Aircraft Disaster: Private Crash Investigators

1985 – Dallas Texas Aircraft Disaster: Private Crash Investigators

1985 – Mexico City Earthquake: USCDA

1985 – Gusman Mexico Earthquake: USCDA

1985 – Costa Rica Mud Slide: USCDA

1985 – Columbia South America Volcano and Mud Slide: USCDA

1988 – Yellowstone National Park, Fire Storm: USCDA

1998 – Hurricane Josephine Mexico: USCDA

1998 – Hurricane Mitch, Central America: USCDA

1999 – Columbia Earthquake: USCDA

1999 – Albanian Refugee Crisis: USCDA

2001 – New York Ground Zero WTC #2: USCDA

2001 – Afghan refugee relief effort: USCDA

2001 – Cuba Hurricane Michelle: USCDA

2002 – Kenya / Rwanda Volcano: USHD

2003 – Iran Earthquake USCDA

2004 – Pakistan Emergency Earthquake Relief USCDA

2004 – Caribbean Hurricanes Ivan & Jeanne USCDA

2004-2005 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Asia Tsunami USCDA

2005 – Hurricane Katrina USCDA

2007 –  California wildfires USCDA

2010 –  Haiti earthquake USCDA

2011 –  Fukushima Japan nuclear disaster USCDA

2012 – Issac Gulf Coast Hurricane USCDA

2012 – Hurricane Sandy USCDA

2013 – Lost hikers. Orange County California, Cleveland National Forest, Trabuco Creek area USCDA.

2013 – Yosemite Rim Fire USCDA

2013- Colorado Flooding USCDA

2013 – Philippines Hurricane relief Typhoon Haiyan USCDA

2014 – Arizona Severe Storms and Flooding USCDA

2014 – New Mexico Severe Storms and Flooding USCDA

2015 – Nepal & countryside earthquakes USCDA

2015 – Texas & Oklahoma Severe storms, tornatoes and flooding USCDA

2016 – California Pilot Fire USCDA

2017 – Hurricane Harvey Texas & Louisiana USCDA

2017 – Hurricane IRMA Florida USCDA

2017 – Mexico earthquake

2017 – Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico

2017 Thomas Fire California

2018 Monticito Mud and Debris Flow


 USCDA does accept public, private and corporate donations. As a non-governmental “volunteer” organization. But not as a government controlled non-private status, nor are we seeking such a tax exampt ruling. Your donation may not be tax deductible. USCDA avoids any funding from the government. USCDA remains a non-government entity. We feel we are therefor better able to serve in times of emergencies and act independent to the government and can provide better and faster services with out all the governmental red tape. In other words we get things done. We are always in need of funds to help assist us in our efforts to help our communities during natural or man made disasters. We understand and realize that the economy is unstable for the average American and we therefor only seek donations from those who can spare it without causing any hardship on themselves or families. Checks and money orders can be made out to: Michael Webster, 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Thank You.

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