All USCD members bear the cost of their own mission ready gear.

New general members should have black pants and tan or kaki shirt as their uniform as soon as possible, than notify HQ to be put on eligible mission roster, for disaster relief and other non leadership member duties. New members for your first mission that you volunteer for you will be teamed up with experienced members and learn to function within our tactical disaster relief teams. New members fit right in and begin picking up mission disaster relief efforts and techniques along with 1st aid, driving, navigating and communication skills fairly quickly. Everyone gets to participate by starting off at their own skill level. Experienced members serve as team leaders and over watchers to provide coaching, guidance and to insure the ops are conducted successfully and safely. Get ready for an adventure you will NOT soon forget.

Leadership Members must have mission ready gear with regulation complete uniform with optional hand held two way radio and USCDA Badge to respond to disasters and other missions.

Put this gear together as finances permits. Notify HQ’s when you become mission ready. Being mission ready means you have all your mission ready gear in hand and than you’ll be added to emergency response team roster and 10 points are added toward rank only.

All A Team members must be mission ready.

Mission ready gear must allow you to survive self-contained for up to 3 days. A lot of people plan their Mission ready gear to sustain them for much longer than that, but there is always a limit to what you can carry on your back and a min 3 day target is what we are shooting for.

Here are the basic gear you will need for your Mission ready gear:

1. Water

It should go without saying that water is a survival basic for any situation. In most situations water quickly becomes the most precious commodity.

1 Liter per day per person is really the bare minimum. So your 3 day Mission ready gear should have at least 3 liters of water.

To expand your capability or survive longer than a couple of days you will need a water purification system. This can be as simple as boiling water and iodine tablets, or a serious water filter.

Small plastic bottle of bleach.

You can use a Collapsible Water Bottle for extra storage.

Make water collection easier with a Backpacking Bucket.

Use Coffee Filters to extend the life of your water filtration system.

Military style canteens/w pistol belt works fine

2. Food

USCDA is recommending going to Freeze dried foods for mission ready gear . We are also recommending up to 25 years shelve life foods for family preparedness. Members can order both from this web site

For a 3 Mission ready gear backpack meals and Energy Bars can be sufficient. Back pack meals are freeze dried meals that you just add boiling water to. They are light weight and last a long time.

Obviously you will need a longer term food solution in any type of wide area catastrophe, but for your basic mission ready gear backpack meals are a good set up.



1 USCD Uniform complete with optional badge

Extra uniform – Optional.

2 Pairs of socks
A black Jacket that is both warm and protection from rain (Eisenhower type is OK) with patch and rank.
Warm long underwear of some kind
A Bandana (30 Uses for a Bandana)

This list could go on for a while and many people would never dream of leaving their Mission ready gear without twice that much, but this set up can get you by for 3 days.

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4. Shelter

They don’t have a ground tarp…

If you are going to survive for 3 days you are going to need protection from the elements and a warm dry place to sleep. You need at least:

Some type of tent or tarp and a way to set it up
A ground tarp for underneath your shelter to stay dry or a sleeping pad (Never underestimate the importance of this)
A good light weight sleeping bag.
A collapsible light weight air mattress
Folding military style shovel.

5. First Aid Kit

USCD recommends that you build your own First Aid Kit instead of buying one of those prepackaged first aid kits that claim to have 1001 things to get you through any emergency. While some are ok, these types of kits are usually filled with a lot of stuff you are unlikely to need and not enough of the things you will probably need a lot of.  Snake bit kit and snake boots (optional).

Plus, building your own first aid kit gives you an intimate knowledge of what it contains and how to use it.

6. Communication, Fire, Cooking, Protection from the elements.

  • Two way hand held Radio – optional. For details check with commuiucations Commander of USCDA’s Nation Wide Emergency communications Network.
  • Cell phone with mobile plug and standard wall plug
  • Matches – dipped in wax or gas lighter
  • Fire – A bare minimum of 3 different ways to make fire. Do you have 5 Ways to Make Fire? With that you can get a flame but you will have to actually build the fire up too: 5 Ideas for Fire Tender.
  • You’re also going to need something to cut your firewood and a knife uses too much energy long term: Small bow saw. Military style utility knife and/or utility pliers.
  • Rain Gear – at least 2 ways to stay dry in the rain. poncho, ground tarp and coat are good coupled with your Tent/Shelter.
  • Cooking – Bare minimum here is a small pot/large cup to boil water in for both drinking and freeze dried meals. A small backpacking stove (LRSPS stove optional) and fuel. Military canteens have cup w/handle.
  • Light – At least 2 dependable flashlights and a backup set of batteries for each.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Safety Helmut Black
  • Maps of  the area with compass &  protructor. GPS optional.
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