Dear Sheriff,
The United States Civil Defense Association (USCDA) is a private organization, not a government entity and it exists to provide humanitarian aid, emergency preparedness and disaster response and relief on behalf of the duly elected county sheriff’s across America. The USCDA provides emergency services and disaster relief where needed in the sheriff’s area of jurisdiction where those citizens are in need. These services may include search and rescue, public school safety, force multiplier and improved force protection, and all aspects of security. During man-made or natural disasters. USCDA will respond to requests from any Constitutional sheriff’s around the country.

In time of disasters the county Sheriff is ultimately in charge of over all emergency operations and bears all responsibility as the highest ranking elected law enforcement officer in the county. The Sheriff should immediately set up as soon as possible an  Incident Command System (ICS) and should  respond to any disasters in his or her jurisdiction. As the ICS is being set up during those situations deputies can become overwhelmed and the Sheriff may need additionally trained and experienced man power that operate under the command of the sheriff while ICS is pending. Some of the things USCDA can help with are crimes, misdemeanors, disasters, public safety, community events, and keeping the peace have been the traditional role of the Sheriff. A new threat to our school children/studants needs to be dealt with by county sheriffs with specially trained posse members. With new waves of man-made disasters, crime and danger is assaulting the citizen under the protection of the Sheriff as well as the very office of the Sheriff itself. Authorities in some jurisdictions are advocating abolishing the Office of Sheriff altogether.

Sheriff, your fellow citizens are considering one unthinkable transgression against their rights with Obama signing the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), which authorizes the president to detain any person indefinitely without the right to appear before a judge, nullifying Habeas Corpus. Unbelievably this takes our rights back to pre Magna Carta days, AD 1215.  President Obama’s executive orders and unconsttutional laws on gun control strip Americans of thier 2nd Amendment. Even Republican Romney has said he supports NDAA, the Patriot Act, and a host of laws and executive orders, in the name of homeland security. These actions take away law biding American citzen’s rights. Remember federal warrants have to go through the sheriff’s office.  A Constitutional Sheriff is a citizen’s advocate.

USCDA also offers programs serving all 3,000 plus counties nationwide. This represents the best practices that a successful USCDA and County Sheriff to start and maintain their partnership.

USCDA while working in partnership with the county sheriff will establish a local USCDA chapter, or work with an existing USCDA chapter, to train citizens in the county in Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs educating them about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. USCDA conducts many more emergency Management training courses made available to your county residents.

USCDA, through their local chapters, can often be the first on the scene for a disaster. Because each chapter is community-based, they are able to mobilize quickly and provide immediate assistance such as 1st aid, search and rescue, feeding, sheltering, clothing, and debris removal for individuals and families. During large and not so large disasters. USCDA can be on the scene prior to a Presidential declaration, and they continue to provide their services independent of a disaster declaration, consistent with resource availability and community need.

USCDA by serving as a critical link between the community and the government, USCDA can help promote a quick and efficient disaster relief effort. Trusted voluntary organizations such as USCDA can improve the delivery of services where fear or distrust can hinder survivor assistance.

 USCDA chapters should be well grounded in the communities served. Often, USCDA members are friends and neighbors who are committed to community service. As a result of this relationship with the community, USCDA is able to incorporate the values, priorities, and spirit of the community in their disaster relief efforts. Additionally, USCDA members are frequently able to identify specific individuals, families, or groups who have access or functional needs, which may be amplified during a disaster

It is too cost prohibitive for most Sheriff departments to staff for major disasters or even for large emergencies. One way that sheriffs seek to solve resource shortages is through mutual aid agreements and other cooperative efforts. But in a disaster setting mutual aid partners may be unable to provide the level of support you need or there may be damage to transportation routes, communication links, or wide sprad disaster or other critical infrastructure that prevents a rapid response. It is during these times that sheriffs can call out the local USCDA and/or USCDA national with all their resources. USCDA can even help with Constitutional Sheriff campaigns. Contact HQ for details.

USCDA is a USA based organization made up of people from all walks of life, including lay people, current and former Military, Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement, Special Operations, National Security, and Intelligence personnel as well as Fireman, Wild Land Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Medical technicians (EMTs) and other medical personal including Doctors and Nurses. All well trained in emergency management 1st responder, disaster relief and clean up.

All county sheriffs should consider adding us to their emergency resource directory so in times of emergencies they can call on the USCDA.


Sincerely Submitted,
Col: Ronald Adler
United States Civil Defense Association
National Headquarters
301 Forest Ave,
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Fax 949 297-8648

How to recruit new members in your county.

United States Civil Defense Assoc.

At first make sure that all your local chapter members are trained in CERTS.

Click on training for more details.

Idea’s & Suggestions for promoting more local members for your chapter.

Set up at your local or nearest gun show pass out information sheets maybe even cards.

Google “Meet Ups” Start your own local Meet Up page. Call it “United States Civil Defense local county group”. Then recruit other like minded meet up groups in your area. There should be other groups in your county such as clubs and other organizations, CERT members, VFW, American Legion, preppers, survivalist, HAM operators and other like minded folks. Attend there meetings, share what we are all about and recruit. Wear your official USCDA Cap and/or uniform.

Col: Ronald Adler


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