United States Civil Defense Assoc. Headquarters – National Commandant –  Lt. General to five (5) Star General.

United States Civil Defense Assoc National Command Center – Major to Col

State Chapters – State Commander – Capt. To Col:

County Chapters – County Commander – Staff SGT. To Col:

City Chapter – City Commander – SGT. To Col:

Any commanders or officers can recommend in line promotions. No leap fogging allowed. Send promotion requests to your chapter commander. Chapter commanders forward all promotion requests with your recommendation to HQ.

Promotion Request form

Name of USCDA member: ________________________________________

Current rank, If any. ____________________________________________

Promotion rank recommended ____________________________________

Signed By:___________________Date    /     / 2016. USCDA Commander or Officer.

All chapter commanders get ten (10) points towards rank in the USCDA.

One of our goals is to establish a USCDA chapter in each of the approximately 3100 counties in America.

To start a chapter in your area you must be a Leadershipe member with the USCDA. You will receive a Chapter Charter Certificate. Package of needed By-Laws, documents and training information and includes a offical USCDA Cap.


USCDA  rank is based on points earned. Points are awarded by volunteering your time and/or by going on missions, exercises and/or by completing training courses.

As an example recent mission to the Gulf coast responding to Isaac each participating member earned 10 points. Volunteering time varies in points on a case by case bases. Training courses vary in points. Each rank requires a certain number of points to gain that rank or to be promoted. Any USCDA Commander or Officer can recommend promotions for any lower ranked USCDA member in good standing. All promotions determined by HQ.

  Points needed for rank.

Private Ten  (10) points.

Corporal. Fifty (50) points.

Sergeant. Seventy five (75) points.

Staff Sergeant. One Hundred (100) points.

Master Sergeant. One Hundred and fifty (150) points.

First Sergeant. Two hundred (200) points.

Sergeant Major. Two hundred and fifty (250) points.

Command Sergeant Major. Three hundred (300) points.

Sgt. Major of the USCDA Five hundred (500) points.


Officer commissions and promotions provided by the USCDA Board of Directors through HQ.





Lieutenant Colonel


Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General

General four star

General five star

Web Site www.uscda.us

All member & Leadership member applications to be sent to USCDA-HQ 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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